stash clipper lighter for money


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The stash lighter seems normal but has a double bottom inside, in which you can put small objects that you want to hide. It is ideal for hidding small objects. In addition, you can find it in different colors.


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Nowadays everyone drives and very rarely we use the cigarette lighter. So you can take advantage of that space to hide small products. It will go unnoticed by those who get on.


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Here you can find hiding soda cans of different types and models such as: CocaCola, Fanta, Red Bull … So, these soda cans are an ideal camouflage product, since you can open them from above to hide money.


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In the same way as the previous products, the concealing lipsticks that we have are very useful to hide small jewels that you are very valuable for you. They also serve to hide other products but taking into account that there is not much space.


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Stash beer cans have a double bottom which will make it almost impossible to detect which one is true. The lid of the can is removed and gives way to a space where you can hide the money you want to keep or hide.


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The stash screwdriver is one of the products that our customers like the most. Since it is identical to a screwdriver, but it has a double bottom. It is a perfect product to have in your tool box and to hide what you want from others.


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The stash screw allows you to keep small jewels inside without the risk of someone discovering it, since it is identical to a real screw. The peculiarity of this hollow object is that it has a double bottom where you can store small jewels.


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The stash battery is similar to an original one, which hides a false bottom inside where you can store all your most precious products. You can unscrew a part to put money or jewelry. We have 3 models with different sizes.


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At first glance it is a simple hammer, but a space is hidden at the top. In this you can hide your valuables, a good idea is to add the concealment hammer next to a toolbox in order to go unnoticed.


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The stash Permanent contains a small bottle and an inhaler inside. If you look closely you can see that the products are easily hidden. So they will not be visible or detectable with the naked eye, you just have to stretch from the bottom.


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The stash mini jar is available with 3 different designs: Aloe Vera, Bio + and Ordor Stop. In addition, its larger size than the lipstick or camouflage lighter allows you to put more objects inside.


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The stash food jar Heinz does the same job as any other in your pantry, it has a space inside for you to unscrew the lid and you can save money or precious jewelry. So, here you can find boats with different products.


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The stash AXE deodorant is one of our most famous camouflage objects. It opens by unscrewing the top so you can hide any type of object inside. It is very easy to open and close and, due to its size, you will have no problem finding it.


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The stash Pringles Pot is ideal for storing any item we want to keep secret. It has a good hidding place although half of the pot contains Pringles giving it a greater sense of credibility, so it will go unnoticed.


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The stash extinguisher is one of our star products. It is available in 3 models of 1kg, 6kg and up to 9kg. Depending on what you want to hide, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, it is an original product so it seems 100% real at first glance.


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Gillette hidding shaving foam like all our products is original. You can unscrew the lower part in the wide model and the upper part in the elongated model and hide your products there.


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This stash toilet brush like all our products perfectly fulfills its function. You can unscrew the bottom and hide your products there. It will go unnoticed by anyone, being a site that no person would suspect.


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The stash dashboard cleaner is one of our star products, this is because it is fully functional. So you can take it in the car and clean your dashboard. It also takes the pieces to recharge it, it opens by unscrewing the top.


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The stash Heineken 5L Barrel is one of the products with more space to hide what you want. It opens by unscrewing the top. Inside you will fit everything you can imagine and will go unnoticed by prying eyes.


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The stash WD-40 oil is completely original, we manufacture it with great care. You can unscrew the bottom and hide what you want there. It will go unnoticed by anyone and more unnoticed even if you take it in the car.

On our website you will be able to find concealment products that will serve to hide money or jewelry that you hold in high esteem. So these concealment items are things that look real to the naked eye, but have a double bottom so you can hide all your most important belongings inside. Here you can see a wide variety of concealment products.

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Why buy concealment products?


Many times we have certain objects with very high sentimental value and we are afraid of suffering a rubble or neglect. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy a concealment product to keep them safe in your home. Also, this way you make sure you don’t lose it because it will always be protected and safe from unwanted eyes. Now that you know all the hidding products that we have at your disposal, you should know the importance when hidding some objects. And it is that often we are not at home or we are away and it is always better to be cautious against any type of theft or neglect.


Why buy your concealment products here?


Without a doubt, nobody likes to lose an object with great sentimental value, a jewel or money that we have saved. In our online store we have selected the concealment products that we consider to be the most credible, as we want it to be useful for the customer. We put at your disposal all the products where you can hide the objects you want.


Welcome to our store, enjoy the concealment products that you can buy. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


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